Flushfit Recessed Tracks

Flushfit Recessed Curtain Track has been conceived with Architects and Designers in mind.  The track sits discreetly inside the ceiling lining and does not require bracketing.

The track is 10mm or 13mm deep, suitable for 10mm or 13mm gyprock, alternately the timber joists need to be routed to accommodate the depth.

(13mm track shown )

The track width is 16mm, so builders need to allow a gap of 18mm for ease of installation, the 5mm overlap covers plasterboard edges.

Tracks come in 6m lengths, and can be butt joined for longer installations.  Prefabricated 90 degree elbows are available in 150mm and 250mm radius.  Tracks pre-punched at 500mm is available on request.  Screws are supplied.

Flushfit recess trackscomes standard in Satin White.  Other powder coated colors are also available to order.

Flushfit may be supplied with glides for standard headings, or a choice of S-Wave.

Flushfit Recessed Track